Memorize LoL


Updated Corki Q and Corki E for patch 14.10.


Updated Ahri R, Jinx R, Malzahar E, and Pyke W for patch 14.9.


Updated Galio Q, LeBlanc W, Mordekaiser Q, and Ryze W for patch 14.8.


Updated Camille Q and Volibear R for patch 14.7.


Updated Cho'Gath W, Galio Q, Karma R, Ornn E, and Volibear R for patch 14.6.


Updated Brand R, Jarvan IV Q, Maokai W, Seraphine Q, Seraphine W, Seraphine E, Seraphine R, Vayne Q, and Veigar R for patch 14.5.


Updated Aurelion Sol W, Corki W, Maokai Q, Maokai E, Maokai R, Taliyah E, Wukong E, Zeri R, and Ziggs W for patch 14.3.


Added Smolder.


Updated Ahri E, Gragas R, and Hwei E for patch 14.2.


Added Hwei.

Updated Galio Q and Lucian E for patch 13.24.


Updated Janna W, Janna R, and Jarvan IV Q for patch 13.23.


Updated Janna Q, Janna W, Janna E, and Seraphine Q for patch 13.22.


Updated Bel'Veth E, Caitlyn R, Master Yi E, Seraphine Q, and Seraphine W for patch 13.21.


Fixed Briar again since Riot fixed their file issues.


Updated Galio W, Jinx R, Milio E, Morgana E, and Zed W for patch 13.20.


Added Briar manually since Riot won't fix their files.

Updated Azir Q, Galio R, Gankplank R, and Pyke W for patch 13.19.


Briar video files aren't up on Riot's CloudFront server yet. I will add her as soon as they are working.


Updated Bard W, Irelia R, Kennen R, and Xayah E for patch 13.18.


Updated Lux Q, Vex W, and Vi E for patch 13.17.


Updated Karma R for patch 13.16.


Updated Taliyah E for patch 13.15.


Added Naafiri.


Updated Jax E, Kindred Q, and Shyvana Q for patch 13.14. Naafiri has not been added to the official website yet.


Huge update to all champion skill orders and popular roles.


Updated Neeko Q and Vi R for patch 13.13.


Updated K'Sante E, Nasus R, and Rumble R for patch 13.12.


Updated Rell Q, Azir Q, Kalista E, Renekton E, Renekton R, and Twisted Fate W for patch 13.11.


Updated Yasuo W, and Yone W for patch 13.10.


Updated Neeko R for patch 13.9.


Updated Kog'Maw Q for patch 13.8.


Updated Annie E, Graves R, Sejuani Q, Sejuani R, and Wukong W for patch 13.7.


Added Milio.


Updated Aurelion Sol E, Galio E, and Yuumi Q for patch 13.6.


Updated Yuumi Q, Yuumi R, Aatrox W, Ashe R, Kennen Q, Pantheon Q, Pantheon E, Qiyana E, Xayah E, and Zed E for patch 13.5.


Updated Ahri R, Annie R, Jarvin IV W, Malphite W, Maokai E, Senna R, Thresh Q, and Thresh W for patch 13.4.


Updated Aurelion Sol, Annie E, Jarvan IV W, and Trundle W for patch 13.3.


Updated Kassadin E and Lillia E for patch 13.1B.


Updated Jax R, Lissandra W, and Twisted Fate Q for patch 13.1.


Updated Cho'Gath R, Dr. Mundo E, Kassadin E, Syndra E, Zac Q, and Zeri E for patch 12.23.


Added K'Sante.


Updated Bel'Veth E, and Xin Zhao E for patch 12.21.


Updated Maokai R for patch 12.20.


Updated Syndra Q and Syndra E for patch 12.19.


Updated Lulu W for patch 12.18.


Updated Azir W, Azir E, Ezreal E, Graves Q, Hecarim W, Hecarim E, Kassadin Q, Rell E, Sylas Q, Taric E, and Trundle W for patch 12.17.


Updated Malphite W and Yuumi E for patch 12.16.


Updated Kennen W, Master Yi E, Rammus R, Sivir E, Sivir R, Taliyah E, and Thresh Q for patch 12.15.


Updated Alistar Q, and Jarvan IV E for patch 12.14.


Added Nilah.


Updated Sivir Q, Sivir W, Sivir E, Sivir R, Gwen E, Kled W, Master Yi W, and Vex Q for patch 12.13.

Note: Nilah has not been added to the official League of Legends site yet.


Updated Heimerdinger E and Seraphine E for patch 12.12.


Added Bel'Veth.


Updated Caitlyn E, Gragas Q, Gragas E, Gwen W, Irelia E, Nunu E, Olaf W, Rakan W, Rengar R, Sylas W, Sylas E, Taliyah Q, Taric E, Tryndamere R, Veigar E, Wukong W, Zeri W, Zeri E, and Zeri R for patch 12.11.

Removed update notification highlighting and "always show answers".


Added an "enable list as default" setting. If you enable, every search will automatically redirect to a list page instead of the first skill video without having to enter the list command. This setting can be found on any list page.


Fixed settings not saving properly. Everything should work now.

Added more tips to the homepage. They are shown at random.


Added damage type to list pages. Always starts with adaptive type. Will say mixed if the champion can deal significant magic damage or has at least 2 abilities that deal magic damage.

Added a favicon.

If you're having any trouble with settings, delete all cookies.


Site maintenance today to fix some database security issues.


Updated Olaf Q, Olaf W, Taliyah Q, Taliyah W, Taliyah E, Ahri E, Ahri R, Hecarim W, Pyke R, and Renekton W for patch 12.9.

Reverted ontouchstart for mobile buttons because of multiple pages loading per touch.


Reduced lag for mobile by setting buttons to activate on touch.

Pressing [`  ] now reveals the answer on flashcard pages and [Tab] displays the next ability. The all roles keyboard shortcut moved to [6] and the Champion Index keyboard shortcut moved to Shift + [6].


Updated Swain Q, Ezreal R, Jhin E, Poppy W, Sylas R, and Xayah Q for patch 12.8.


Pressing Shift + [1-5] will load that roles index. For example, just pressing [1] will load the Top flashcard page while pressing Shift + [1] will load the Top Index page.

You can also press [`  ] to access the All champions flashcard page and press Shift + [`  ] to access the Champion Index.

Set button events to execute onmousedown instead of onclick for less lag.


Added keyboard shortcuts for abilities on champion pages. If you toggle Caps Lock, you will enable/disable shortcuts. Pressing Q W E R on your keyboard will automatically load the ability. You can also press Shift + [Key] as well without using Caps Lock.

There is no reason to ever capitalize any names in search so this ended up being a more elogant solution compared to the original method (the previous method I assigned keys 1-5). This allows us to still use the Q W E R keys and have access to the search bar by default when a new page loads. Also, since Caps Lock doesn't change when a new page loads, users can keep shortcuts enabled between pages without using cookies.

Keys 1-5 are now shortcuts to flashcard pages. Pressing [1] for example will load Top and pressing [5] will load Support.


Added audio toggle. Recognizing audio cues can help further improve memorization so I added it. Since every video has audio embedded anyway, we might as well have the option to use it.

By default videos are still muted. This feature should work on mobile devices as well. For some browsers, you may have to give permission to automatically play videos with audio.

Fixed Renata not resolving if you type her full name.

Fixed Rell List not displaying correctly on mobile.

You can now search "jgl" or "jg" as shortcuts to reach the jungle champion index and "sup" as a shortcut to reach the support champion index.

Made many more UI adjustments.


Updated mobile UI so buttons and text fit better. NotoSans added too since I figured out how to compress the font by 26x.


You can now just type "l" instead of "list" in search. For example, if I wanted to find the list of cooldowns for Renata, I could just search for "ren l" and this would be equivalent to searching "renata list". You can also type "cds" if that helps you remember easier. So for the previous example, you could search "ren cds" or "renata cds" and those will also work.


Updated Gwen R, Wukong Q, Wukong W, Yasuo R, Yone R, Zeri E, and Zeri R for patch 12.7.


Added NotoSans font for desktop. I want the website to be very minimalistic and fast so I didn't add any fonts originally. With woff2 compression and caching though, I think it's worth adding one.

Fixed video links displaying on List pages.

Fixed Renata Blitz links.


It has been about 5 months since the last update on skill priorities and champion roles. Everything should now be updated through patch 12.6.

Updated skill priorities for: Akshan, Annie, Illaoi, Janna, Malphite, Miss Fortune, Nasus, Ornn, Pantheon, Seraphine, Sona, Sylas, Thresh, Veigar, Volibear, Yorick, and Yuumi.

Updated champion roles for: Akshan, Akali, Amumu, Anivia, Ashe, Brand, Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Gangplank, Gragas, Graves, Heimerdinger, Jax, Jayce, Kai'Sa, Karma, Karthus, Lillia, Malphite, Mordekaiser, Nasus, Neeko, Pantheon, Pyke, Rumble, Ryze, Senna, Seraphine, Shen, Tahm Kench, Teemo, Tryndamere, Twitch, Vayne, Veigar, Vex, Wukong, and Zilean.


Updated Tryndamere R for patch 12.6.


Updated Master Yi R, Samira R, Seraphine W, Seraphine E, and Xin Zhao E for patch 12.5.


Manually fixed Renata wiki URL. I was hoping the wiki would standardize to first name only as other websites have but they are keeping the first and last name in the URL. Clicking on the Fandom wiki link will go directly to her page now.


Added Renata. Riot was completely inconsistent with previous champion naming conventions. For some reason, Riot wants to force adding the last name to everything visually, but keep the first name as the api name unlike other champions that have two-word names. To make matters worst, the wiki uses the full name in the url while every other site and resource (including the official page) uses just "renata". Blitz also has not yet added Renata videos.


Updated Dr. Mundo R, Neeko W, Veigar E, Zeri W, and Zeri E for patch 12.4.


Added Zeri.


Updated Janna W, Janna E, Lulu W, Veigar Q, and Volibear E cooldowns for patch 12.2.

The official League of Legends website still has not added Zeri. However, they did make an abilities rundown post here.


Updated Gangplank Q, Rek'Sai E, and Sona E cooldowns for patch 12.1.


Updated Camille E and Kled E cooldowns for patch 11.24.


Improved search so you can type more nicknames. chogath, mundo, kaisa, khazix, kogmaw, yi, reksai, and velkoz are all now usable terms. You can also add skills to any of these nicknames as well. You can type "yi w" or "mundo r" for example.

Removed All from navigation because it's very ineffective for learning and extremely popular. In short, the statistics reveal that the vast majority of players using All are not even on the site long enough for repeats to occur. Not sure why but a lot of players just like going to All but then only go through 10-20 abilities and leave which does basically nothing in terms of learning because it's highly unlikely they got repeats.

If you still want to use All, you can type /all in the URL.


Apparently I was featured in Outside Joke's latest video today.


You can now add as a search engine in your browser.


Flashcard pages now use AJAX to load new content. This makes content load faster and saves bandwidth.

Adjusted mobile font sizes to be larger and easier to read.


Changing index commands. Instead of typing "top index" or "jungle index", now you can just type "top" or "jungle". Typing "all" or "index" will pull up the index for all champions.


Uploading replacement videos for abilities that are too old or that have other issues is possible. After some testing, I found that the latest video codecs like AV1 can reduce the size by over 15x. This would also mean faster load times and less mobile data usage.

This is a test page showing the difference between a Memorize LoL video using the AV1 codec vs a Riot Games video using the VP8 codec. After I figure out the best way to record and compress, I'll start to make new videos available that will replace the Riot Games videos over time.

Fixed caching issue causing pages to not refresh. Use Shift + F5 for Chrome or CTRL + F5 for Firefox to fix any issues.


You can now type in the search bar [champion] + [skill]. You don't have to type the full champion name. Examples below:

irelia list
kayn e
lee r

In addition to the index command, you can now type [role] + index to only show champions from a specific role. Examples below:

top index
jungle index
mid index

Development is now separated from the main directory to avoid service interruptions from frequent adjustments.


Source Links now hide the URL and display titles instead. Added U.GG and Blitz resources.

There were some bugs with buttons not working and settings not saving from javascript being cached and old cookies conflicting.

To fix this, caching has been modified to 1hr along with a filename change so it should be re-cached and all pages force domain cookies to expire and set new cookies if needed.

If you are still having any issues, delete all cookies and cache files.


Champion list pages now display the champion's skill order and what roles the champion plays.

Added "index" command that will list all champions if you type index in the search bar.


Enabled clean URLs for pages not generated by the search-bar.

Fixed recharge-based abilities so cooldowns reflect recharge times.

Mobile beta launch! Site automatically detects if you're on a mobile browser and loads different CSS. If it isn't working for your device, please email me.

Added an "update alert" if there's a new update.


BETA is here! List feature added (thanks Joon), pages added. Ready for users. Now that all core-functionality is finished, I'm looking to add much better mobile support so you can learn on the go or use your phone as a second monitor while you're playing.

Some other features I'm considering: ultimates only mode, list all champs command, skill order for champs, show champ roles on champ page, add passives, add more primary stats.

If you have any suggestions feel free to email me.

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