Memorize LoL


Memorize LoL is a search engine for memorizing abilities and cooldowns in League of Legends. You can also use this website as a reference for checking champion abilities and cooldowns while you're in queue. You only need to type the first 1-3 letters of a champion name (cho, kai, kog).

You can type in the search bar [champion] + [skill]. Examples below:

irelia list
kayn e
lee q
malph r

You can generate a list of all champions by typing index or all in the search bar. You can also simply type a [role] in the search bar and it'll automatically load that particular index. Examples:


If you want to test how well you can identify abilities from all roles, you can go to

For reference, cooldowns are also displayed under each ability and updated after every patch.

There are currently 632 public videos that are searchable. When an ability video is found, it is automatically embedded for you. Video source links are displayed at the bottom of every ability search as well as every role search after clicking on the "Show" button.

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